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Remembering You

For when the right words are hard to find

When someone passes, it is hard to know what to say to express your heartfelt sympathy.  

This Mum Rhymes gives the opportunity to give the bereaved loved ones a unique gift to celebrate their loved ones life and honour their grief.

Similarly, eulogies are very difficult to write, but the impact they have when done well, is immeasurable.

Using a trusted, independent resource to help get the right and most fitting tribute for your loved one can help.

If you'd like support with writing a memorial for a loved one, you can either complete the form below or get in touch directly to discuss via

Bereavement support poems (available on request)

Unique grief poem gift
personalised bereavement poem gift
TMR website header.png

Let's get personal!

Poems are priced at £25 each for a fully custom written and designed print ready PDF.   


Complete the form below to order your poem and then choose your print size:

Which of the following occasions is this poem a gift for?
Would you be happy for me to use your final poem in marketing material/on social media?

Once your form is submitted, we will send you a confirmation email (to the email address specified above).  Occasionally this email will go into your spam folder, so please check there. If you do not receive that within 24 hours, please email

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